Banggood Affiliate Link Generator

NOTE: Banggood affiliate link generator is replaced with Affiliate Tools extension.

Affiliate Tools Extension offers support for more websites, including Amazon and Gearbest

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Generating Banggood affiliate links  is manual and boring task. When you find product that you want to share you have to edit url and add your affiliate id at the end. Then if you want to shorten that link you’ll have to open new webpage, paste generated link there, and copy shortened link before you can use it. This is not only time consuming, but leaves a lot of room for error

Banggood Affiliate Link Generator in action

Banggood affiliate link generator chrome extension automates all of these steps and makes everything a lot easier and faster. All you have to do is to open it when you browse product page 🙂

Install Banggood Affiliate Link Generator

Chrome Web Store - Banggood Affiliate Link Generator

When you open Chrome web store page, all you need to do is to click on “ADD TO CHROME” button


When you download Banggod affiliate link genertor there is some configuration that needs to be done. You can go to options either by right clicking on icon, and then “Options” or by opening extension for the first time and then clicking on “Open options button”


Options should be self explanatory, but I’ll cover them here in more detail


  1. Here you need to enter your banggood affiliate ID. This part is essential, without it extension will not work
  2. If you plan to use service to shorten your generated urls, here you enter access token. You can get your access token here
  3. With this option selected, generated links will be copied to clipboard automatically. This is done also when you shorten url
  4. How many generated url’s will be stored in recent list. Max value is 50
  5. When this option is enabled extension will add my affiliate id to banggood page you’re browsing from time to time. This also enables favorites list, and supports further development of extension.

Once everything is set you’re ready to use the extension


When you browse banggood and find product you find interesting all you nid is to click on extension icon. It will open popup looking something like this


Extension will take address of page you’re currently browsing and add your Bangood affiliate ID to it. Generated affiliate url for that page is first item in the list. From there you can either copy generated link or use or to shorten it. Note: first time you use to shorten url you will have to grant permissions to extension

Links you use more often you can add to favorites, and links you don’t need anymore can be deleted.
You can open Banggood Affiliate Link Generator on any other page also, to find and copy links you have generated

That would cover everything. I hope you will find it useful and make a lot of sales using it 🙂

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