Banggood affiliate stats

Banggood affiliate page leaves a lot to be desired.
Sales table is pretty basic, and estimated incomes are sometimes way off from real values. Fortunately you can export your affiliate sales history to CSV.

And here is an app that parse that CSV file and shows better overview of data

Banggood affiliate stats app – open here

Get CSV file

First you will need to grab CSV file from Banggood affiliate page.


You can export CSV right away, but I recommend you to:

  1. Set a bit longer date range for your data (If you set range longer than 3 months, Banggood will export only last three months of selected range)
  2. Click on “Go” button in bottom right corner to update data
  3. When data reloads click on “Export” button
  4. Save CSV file somewhere on your hard drive

Now open Banggood affiliate stats app


Click on “Open CSV” button, and load csv file you previously exported


Since app now calculates all order data, including for example orders that were canceled or rejected, you should set some filters to show only relevant orders.

Most useful filter combination is to set point status to “Pending”


And Order status to “Ready to process”, “Shipped” and “Back Order”


When you update filters data is recalculated with only selected orders.

Ap have four different views, that will be explained here


First one is overview. It shows daily sales in last week, total sales/points, highest and lowest daily income and number of points that can become active tomorrow.


All sales

This one is most similar to Banggood affiliate page. It might be useful with different filters combination, for example to see how many backorders you have


Daily sales

Here you can see sales grouped by days.


If you selected date range longer than 45 days and you scroll to bottom you will see orders that are higligted. These are order older than 45 days, that weren’t shipped  on the same day. That is why points for those orders aren’t active yet

Sales charts

As name says, here are sales charts


This part of app will probably get more updates in future, with additional charts, sorting and additional filters.

Beside those pages filters are really important part of this app. Whenever you update filters, all data updates automatically. This will alow you to extract all kind of interesting information from your sales

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