Payment methods

Multiple payment methods are supported

  • Paypal – minimal amount is $20. All transfer costs are on affiliate
  • Western union – for withdrawals over $300 there are no transfer costs
  • Bank transfer – minimal amount is $1,000. All transfer fees are on you


It starts at 4%. After $8,000 of sales you can upgrade to 6%. To get to 8% commision, wich is maximum you’ll need $30,000 of sales


  • Out of all sites, on Banggood it is absolutely easiest one to become affiliate
  • Multiple payment methods are supported
  • It is really nicely organized, you can spen hours browsing and buying products
  • Discount are decent


  • Unlike gearbest for example cookie lasts only 15 days instead of 30
  • Starting affiliate commision is only 4% and you will need solid amount of sales to upgrade it
  • Affilite page is pretty basic. Estimated commisions are sometimes way off from actual values.
  • Generating affiliate links is manual and time consuming task. Fortunately Affilite link generator makes that job easier